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Marilyn Stacy

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A licensed professional counselor (LPC), Ms. Stacy has degrees from University of North Texas (B.S.) and a Masters Degree in Psychology from Texas Womens University. 


Professor Emeritus Marilyn Stacy was a counselor and professor at Richland College for fifteen years, counseling and teaching Human Development, Psychology and Honors English classes. Twice she team-taught summer classes on the British Isles.


As a member of the Speakers Bureau, she wrote and spoke on topics as diverse as Dreamwork, Parenting, Stress Management, and Communication Skills. She presents workshops on writing and spirituality and has read her poetry at numerous venues.


She also speaks and gives poetry readings in support of curing breast cancer.


While a counselor at Richland College, she co-authored a college manual, "Practical Applications of Psychology" and has had numerous articles published over the years. Her articles on synchronicity and intuition, shown on this website, were first published in Venture Inward, and are excerpts from the non-fiction book she is writing about spiritual growth. More about her writing can be found under Poetry and/or Books, on the Navigation Bar.





Marilyn Stacy is a psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist in private practice.


Her office is at 7424 Greenville Avenue, Suite 104, Dallas, Texas 75231.


She can be reached through Contact Us (found on the Navigation list) or call her office 214-208-0603 for consultation or to make an appointment.


Ms. Stacy works with couples, families, and individuals of all ages. Some of the areas in which she has expertise include:

* marriage and relationship problems

* life changes and life coaching

* career issues

* aging

* parenting

* stress and anxiety

* depression

* loss and grief

* dream work

* spirituality

* sleep disorders

* communication

* coping with Breast Cancer and other major illnesses



Ms. Stacy also counsels for a non-profit organization, Helping Our Helpers, which provides counseling at reduced fees for people in the helping professions. (For more information about Helping Our Helpers, see www/helpingour helpers).    



Marilyn grew up in Illinois, but since marrying Dean, has lived in Ohio, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Dallas, Texas, where they have been for the last 35 years.

Their daughter, Susan, and son, Mike, (wife Allison), live in the Dallas area. James and his wife Sang live in California. Robert and his wife Mary make their home in China. Scott and his wife Pam live in Florida. Granddaughter Ashley lives in Florida with her husband, Randall and their children, Braelynn and Gavin Dean. Granddaughter Amber, her husband, Justin, and their children, Emma,  Owen, and Elle have recently moved from Florida to Frisco, Texas.

Family reunions occur as often as possible, usually in Texas, Florida, or Colorado. In the best of all possible worlds they would have a little lodge in Colorado--and Marilyn would be there every summer.